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Always have fresh water at hand with an innovative Parker Watermaker

There is one thing humans need most in this world: fresh and clean water. Whether it is for cooking or drinking, or maybe even when you want to take a shower; a Parker Watermaker is the perfect solution to have access to fresh water at any given time. On a solo cruiser, you are more restricted in the space you have to put a watermaker in place. It is therefore very convenient to have a watermaker that is rather small but high in capacity. AquaControl Marine has made this possible for you with their Parker PRO Mini Watermaker!

The best watermaker for space-restricted solo cruisers

AquaControl Marine has developed a Parker Watermaker that is specifically designed for space restricted areas. Fresh water is always needed when you are out at sea, whether you are a large tanker or a small power boat. For this last group, these experts have developed the Parker PRO Mini Watermaker, a watermaker that produces more fresh water while keeping the same small footprint. Its main components are easily accessible, and it has a low AC power consumption. This low-hassle Parker watermaker is perfect for sail and small power boaters. In addition, its maximum weight is around 130 lbs, making it the smallest line of watermakers available.  

Request the best solution when it comes to fresh water

Would you like to know more about the possibilities AquaControl Marine offers when it comes to fresh water-production? You are always welcome to contact these water purifying-experts to discover which Parker Watermaker is best suited for your appliance. It is also possible to request an advantageous quotation as well as maintenance of watermakers on both leisure as marine and offshore vessels. Do not wait any longer and contact these experts. The contact information can be found on their website.


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