Every pilot must undergo periodical aeromedical examinations in order to ensure flight safety. Sky Medical Center at Eindhoven Airport is home to several authorised aeromedical examiner positions, specialised in aero-medicine. The doctors who work here are have been certified as aeromedical examiners (AMEs). Reach out to them to schedule your various examinations. Obviously, there are a number of medical conditions which may influence flight safety in a significant way. Therefore, any check an aeromedical examiner performs on a prospective future pilot must be conducted in a careful way. However, you naturally wish the procedure to be done efficiently, so you can take to the skies in earnest. Sky Medical Center offers a fantastic combination of a professionalism and speed in its examination process. One hallmark of this is your immediate receipt of your medical certificate as soon as your examination is cleared. Find out what an aeromedical examiner from Sky Medical Center can do for you, today!


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A medical examination is a key requirement to being cleared for independent piloting of an aircraft. The guidelines as established by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) are paramount in ensuring crew member and passenger safety. Require an accurate medical examination and the associated results and documents to be cleared to fly an aircraft? Sky Medical Center provides the  aeromedical examiner you need to get back airborne. They will have you perform a number of health checks that will validate your fitness for operating an aircraft. As soon as you have successfully completed the trial, you will receive your medical certificate the very same day. 


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Sky Medical Center offers more advantages beyond its wide range of examinations for (future) pilots and the speed of its procedures. After all, their aeromedical center is also very accessible with its extremely favourable location in proximity to Eindhoven Airport. With sharp rates and a wide variety of examinations, such as the EASA LAPL certification for flying drones, the possibilities are truly endless. Call them today to enquire about scheduling your medical examination.



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