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How to paint a wall

It sometimes happens that a wall needs to be painted. Whether that is inside or outside, it is always a big job. And why actually? Because you quickly grab the old familiar brush. When painting, you think of paint and brushes, but you do not have to. There are other methods to apply the paint to the wall. Painting with a brush is often a job that requires a lot of patience. It is very slow. But that can be faster! Nowadays there are so-called spray guns with which you spray the paint to the wall, instead of going over it with the brush.


This saves a lot of time. The spray gun works a lot faster than the brush. Moreover, it works a lot finer. Everyone can do it after a little practice. A project that normally costs a weekend can now be done in three hours.


There are two techniques. The first works with low pressure and is called HVLP. An example of this is the Wagner Universal Sprayer 950 paint sprayer that is widely applicable. Consider above all a house with wall paint. In addition, the Universal Sprayer W 950 with a small adjustment, is able to refurbish garage doors or doors and cabinets. To do this, the built-in extension must be disconnected and the supplied paint attachment fixed. Now you are ready to provide lacquer or stain business!


The other technique works with high pressure. This has been given the abbreviation XVLP. This spray gun has all the advantages of an HVLP spray gun, however due to the greater power the Wagner XVLP 5000 has a 60% larger air volume and 30% higher surface coverage. This means that all kinds of (high-viscosity) paints, stains, dispersion and latex paints can be processed without any problem. The spray pattern will convince even the most critical painter.


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