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The squash strings are very important for a player. It ultimately determines the quality of the entire squash racket. There are different types of squash strings with which the squash racket is delivered from the factory. With cheaper rackets this material is of lesser quality but often has a longer lifespan. This is because the strings are often thicker. For more expensive brands, the squash racket comes with squash strings of higher quality. At the bottom of the page you can find our tips when buying squash strings. How tight must the tension be? Different strengths of the stresses each have their own advantages.

With tighter tensioning, the strings will be less broken because it causes fewer vibrations. When the tension is tighter you also have more direct control over the squash ball. A covering must not be tighter than 14 kilos. Typically a span of around 11-13 pounds is normal. When the tension is too tight it puts a lot of tension on the frame. This can cause the racket to break. Less tight tension gives the “trampoline” effect to the player. This means that the player has more strength in his or her hits. This gives less control over the strokes. Types of strings There are different types of strings with different benefits.

The biggest distinction can be made in the thickness of the strings. Squash rackets of higher quality are often supplied with thinner strings. These thinner provide more control over the squash ball and give a better overall squash experience. A disadvantage of this is that they often last less. Slightly thicker squash strings (1.25 mm +) last longer but offer less control and power over the ball. Shape of the squash racket Squash rackets have different shapes.

The largest different directions are a drop-shaped leaf or a round leaf. This has an impact on how long the strings last. When a squash racket has a drop-shaped leaf, the squash strings will last less. This is because the vertical strings are longer than the round blade. When the strings are longer they will vibrate more and therefore last less. This leaf has the advantage that the sweetspot is larger compared to the round version. In short, when choosing the right squash strings, pay particular attention to the thickness and quality of them. Also ask the person who stretches your squash racket how tight it is.


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