For high purity and ultrapure applications, many industries trust on an electrodeionization (EDI) module water treatment system. A variety of industries use it for the purpose of purifying water. Think about the power, pharmaceutical, microelectronics and semiconductor industry. They choose this type of module instead of traditional systems, because it offers a lot of advantages. A true specialist in the field who can inform you about it, is Deionx.

A true specialist in the field of Ultra Pure Water (UPW)

They have more than 20 years experience in UPW and own the knowledge and experience that is necessary to advice you properly. This company is one of the leading corporations in Europe regarding water purification. Their knowledge and experience is used across the world for efficient implementation of EDI technology in water treatment systems to produce Ultra Pure Water. And for good reasons! They design, build, and maintain a variety of ultrapure water installations for industries worldwide. Moreover, these specialists are appointed as the official European Distributor for Iontech. As specialist in this technology, they have also been contracted frequently by manufacturers as GE E-Cell, QUA FEDI and other watertreatment companies. They have support them with commissioning and troubleshooting EDI systems all over the world. When it comes to an electrodeionization module for your company, they will look with you if it fits the application you have in mind. The electrodeionization module is not suited for every application, so whether this method fits your needs, depends on the application and the right system.

Get advice from an expert

Would you like to receive more information about the electrodeionization module form Deionx and do you want to know it can be used for the application you have in mind? Contact the customer care, they are eager to tell you more about their systems and give you more information.

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